Building strong client relationships is key to their success and ours. The
sweet core has had the pleasure of working with many wonderful
Lancaster businesses and organizations both B2C and B2B. We’re
committed to the success of our clients. Through integrated and
comprehensive interaction with our point-of-contact, we can define goals,
supply measurable results, and track successes while adhering to business objectives.

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients from Technology Solutions and
Healthcare and Hospitality to small mom and pop shops and non-profits.

We have worked with an international hotel franchise on a multi-phase Project that included an internal portal for their franchise partners, brokers, and contractors. From strategy to design, the
sweet core worked closely with their executive team to brainstorm and
concept website function and interface design while providing solutions
on best practices, including flow and roll-out, assuring positive engagement from the end-user.

It takes a team. As the internal marketing partner for a large technology
solutions company with three locations statewide, the sweet core worked
collaboratively with their executive, administrative, and sales team
to develop, coordinate, implement and manage a broad digital
marketing strategy. Phase one included strategy, branding of all print
collateral, email marketing, landing pages for strategic partners like
NetApp, and launch of a new website. We helped them engage with business clients through multiple channels, including promoting client-only events and social platforms like Linkedin.