November 2014

The Candy Factory’s Coworking spotlights interesting people, small businesses and non-profits. From planning, design and print, The Sweet Core constructed a one-of-a-kind zine to highlight professionals and creatives from all disciplines. Inside, readers will find bright and informative articles back-dropped by interesting photographs and imagery. Coworking‘s simple layout and size makes for the perfect reading companion in a coffee shop, downtown pub or restaurant.

unnamed (3)Prints are limited to 100! Coworking instructs readers to “Read Me, Love Me, Take A Picture With Me, Post Me, Read Me Again and Share Me!” By snapping a quick photograph and sharing using #coworkingzine, you can help share this amazing piece! Additionally, readers can check out a digital version online.

Coworking serves as a wonderful testament to Lancaster’s unique local community and beyond. This is our creative representation of a collaboration and creative and professional development.  The Sweet Core and The Candy Factory are passionate about building relationships, fostering the community and celebrating people doing amazing things! We hope that people will draw creative inspiration from this zine and can’t wait to see where this piece takes us!


Listen to why we started the CoworkingZine


goodlifeicecream3Good Life Ice Cream & Treats is officially launched!

Since 2005, Good Life Ice Cream & Treats has crafted a truly wonderful assortment of hand-made ice cream, cakes, cupcakes and treats. Founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Good Life Ice Cream & Treats is a local and family owned business dedicated to creating uncompromised and well-rafted homemade ice cream and treats.

The Sweet Core team was busy creating a one-of-a-kind website, photographing specially crafted ice cream and designing a unique logo! Interested in ordering a special treat or confection online? We’ve constructed an easy to use online order form which makes placing your next order a piece of cake! Be sure to check out Good Life’s featured video for an inside scoop on the cold stone process! From web development to  design, The Sweet Core was happy to work with Good Life’s professional and friendly staff!

Local. Fresh. Happy. Let’s celebrate the good life together! Please visit Good Life Ice Cream & Treats on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.




sweetcorecolorinspiration_9CoworkingLancasterColor Inspiration 9 | the sweet core

Coworking in the Fall – This month we designed an interior sign for The Candy Factory, the coworking space we run our business from and also manage. This sign (or interior art) took up an entire wall and pulled key words from the Candy Factory Mission.  Gather, Imagine, Create, Thrive and Cowork.  Color was key, we needed this sign to marry well with the other colors found in this creative space. This color palette reflects these colors including colors found in the pillows, tables, walls and cement. ~ enjoy


About the sweet core Color Inspiration Project Color plays such an important role when it comes to design. When helping to brand a client we spend a good bit of our discovery process reviewing colors and how they affect us, how we interact with color and how those colors are seen in the environment around us. The color inspiration project is a fun side project for the creative team here at the sweet core. We take images of colors that speak to us, colors that are seen in everyday life and create interesting and usable color palettes from them.  Hope you enjoy and feel free to use any of the color palettes we create. We’d love to see what you come up with.


We’re excited to announce the launch of the Inglenook Creative website!

Inglenook is a new Interior Design Collective located on Columbia Ave here in Lancaster. We had the pleasure of working with their amazing team on naming, branding and web development, creating a brand and website that not only looked great but helped Inglenook reach both potential members and clients looking for design services, workshops etc.

Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and welcome to the internet and Lancaster Inglenook!