Color Inspiration 4 | the sweet core
As the weather gets nicer we start venturing out to our gardens to find colors that inspired today’s Color Inspiration: the dark and light colors of the earth, the still bare branches on the trees. Slowly the earth is blooming, but there is something calming about these colors of a Fall gone by that will now make way for Spring.  This earthy color palette reminds me of the dirt, the branches yet of renewal as well. See if you can find where the color was pulled from in the picture.  By separating colors and placing them beside each other we tend to notice colors we might not have otherwise. So look closely to see the burnt orange; while it’s not a major part of this image, it is a powerful highlight. ~ Enjoy


About the sweet core Color Inspiration Project
Color plays such an important role when it comes to design. When helping to brand a client we spend a good bit of our discovery process reviewing colors and how they affect us, how we interact with color and how those colors are seen in the environment around us. The color inspiration project is a fun side project for the creative team here at the sweet core. We take images of colors that speak to us, colors that are seen in everyday life and create interesting and usable color palettes from them.  Hope you enjoy and feel free to use any of the color palettes we create. We’d love to see what you come up with.